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Union Playbook

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:36 pm    Post subject: Union Playbook  Reply with quote


I would like to take a minute to air my thoughts on unions of workers after being tweaked by Usdaw-in-particular's latest push for a 'Bill of Protection'.

We know that Workers Union's are not run by the worker but by the company behind the Union who hire staff. The worker pays a debit fee for services that are of no use and you are bluntly told that if ANYTHING happens, if you aren't in the union then you are NOT covered (strange pitch to be offering, just question the LAST 10 years you've been with your union and how much they have done for you).

My second point is, since humans can 'create' companies out of nowhere with new names and no ties to previous ventures, we can NEVER pinpoint who owns what. The owners of business' protecting their workforce by union could have the union owner working for themselves with no name ties. If they flashed a piece of paper that showed the current owner has no ties to any of the companies under the act, who's to say they aren't one conversation in public away, we Have to believe what they say right? If these 'suggested' owners have an agenda to push what SEEMS to be in the interest of the staff, it should be subject to being deconstructed to reveal the truth (which will lead me onto my main point about Usdaw's push for A NEW BILL).

We all know the union is there to smooth over business changes to the staff or to allow staff to 'disagree' with said treatment, even though I am a member when I needed them they tried to cement me into the ground with the company policy. One of the biggest companies under Usdaw went through work hour rescheduling, every meeting out of 100,000+ was sweetly nipped in the bud -union rep- by their side. Results were in, virtually 100% of the staff buckled to the answer 'it's a business'. Times are different and changes had to be made BUT to say that over 100,000 members of staff changed without a single member being sacked... Compared to the amount of people that left the company after changes were made in the 'first few weeks' is shocking. Well into the 1000s had to leave their job, tricked into quitting by free will. The union did not fight for a single member, they merely shepherded staff into trying the new accommodations and then had to leave of their own choice which is not protected by any law and many people lost their jobs and houses and were simply replaced. So, we can still be a member of the union... lose our job that we signed up to the union for in the first place... continue to pay for union outside of job... lose, lose lose.

Here is a couple testaments I found simply googling 'beware Union':

If you thinking of getting trade union membership after you will finally get a job, please, think about it carefully. Usually on their website you can find beautiful testimonies (how they helped Kate, Joan and Mark to get money from VICIOUS employer) but the reality is quite different. As soon as you set up direct debet and they start to take every month money from your account, they could't care less of your well being on the job ground. This also happened to me. Almost one year ago I joined USDAW and since then they never forgot to take money from me. I called them twice in the space of a few months. I just needed advice. I didn't even need any help in the court. Just advice. The first time when the lawyer finally called me back (after few days from the moment I contacted them asking for advice) he was extremely rude and seemed to be outraged that I expected him to help me. He informed me he couldn't help, even with advice. After a few months I contacted Usdaw again. The lady who answered the phone informed me that somebody will call me back. I was waiting patiently but nobody has never called me back. I feel frustrated and helpless in the battles with big organizations. Obviously I can not write this testimony on their website...

I too joined USDAW in about 2008 or 9. I never needed them until one day end of 2011 when my direct line manager called me in for a meeting and I was told that I step down to a lower position (and loose quite a few bonuses doing this) or they would make my life very difficult.
I called and emailed USDAW for about a fortnight with no response from anybody. I ended up complaining to the person who suggested USDAW to me and only after they sent them a snotty letter did I get an email to call a certain individual.
They called me back after I left a message for them. It was toward the end of the day and I could hear them walking through busy streets with hooter and sirens in the background. His advice to me was that if I dont like their offer I should quit...we got cut off halfway through our conversation...he didnt call back and neither did I.
I was paying about 120 a year just to be told 'If you dont like it leave'. I could have gotten that kind of advice from the manager who delivered the news.
Their service is not worth paying for at all.

What we LEARNED so far:

   You pay.
   You lose every decision that the company makes.
   WHAT are they protecting?
   The company you work for has it's own grievance system, the Union does not protect you from mistreatment, handled instore.
   The Union's are mostly created to soothe the Government by quelling the workers rage with flowers and rainbows, making it seem like your own team is helping you in the NICEST possible way when really they are the biggest Trojan horse (even though they are unaware that this is their training).

   It's like your best friend telling you that you're now working night shift for free because you are his friend, oh and you owe him 5 pound a month for the service.

I can not get my brain running about the amount of unseen truths that are unfolding. The reason of obscurity that rich owners protect is using loopholes to bypass every humane option. I hope in the above short posts you realize a few home truths for yourself and spread the word.


We probably all knew what the unions are there for but we are powerless to stop it, feeling obligated to pay our cardboard makeup friend to support us in our ongoing losses. Yet, I let it slide as the effort is non-constructive; people can't fight for themselves.

Parliament + Usdaw's campaign to pass a Bill of Workers Protection really sparked it off for me. Suddenly, all things above are called into question: The ownership of the union, the agenda's in "Favour" of our staff, how much has Usdaw done for us, we're paying them to pass a Bill that humans not in the union can push for etc.

Let's break it down.

"The shopworkers' Union Usdaw has welcomed the new Protection of Workers Bill introduced into Parliament by Graeme Morrice, Labour MP for Livingston.
The aim of the Protection of Workers Bill is to reduce incidents of violence, threats and abuse against workers whose job brings them into face-to-face contact with members of the public. The Bill will create a new offence relating to assaults on public facing workers, one that will carry a maximum sentence of 12 months and a 10,000 fine."

Not only has parliament created the rule first but OUR union is goaded into following yet again. Either by ownership, force or an agenda that seems to be in OUR interest. Get the Union on their side and it's like them vouching for us without our consent yet we're allowed to participate in voting as well as people who aren't in the union (same rights but we pay for services unrelated to this matter, union has nothing to do with this really, does it, they know we're associated and may fall for that alone with over 440,000 members subliminally tied to the operation).

OKAY, so we need a bill of protection that allows stores to persecute innocent humans who've been provoked into emotions such as anger or hatred, EVEN MORE THAN THE POLICE CAN NOW.

Understood, you are in the shop working and an angry customer begins to shout that something isn't right with the store (it's not your fault but you are a member of staff who will listen). Maybe a customer hit you with his trolley because he thought you were blocking the aisle.

Why the sudden interest in having people fined up to 10,000 and jailed for a year?

Why have companies been benefiting off their own lack of promise to the customers, which causes the frustration and the staff are the ones to take the fall at face level? That's why these customers are angry, yet to make it all better, the customers continue to be angered by the companies advantageous ways (which gets worse) and we get harsher laws protecting nothing but the land upon which the stores grace.

So, it has to be asked WHY NOW?

What has changed in this modern day that we suddenly need increased harsher punishments? These facts that have not been revealed could be increase in store violence to future problems. We are left with simpler less revealing facts such as '1 in 6 members of staff have not reported violent abuse'. LESS REVEALING is the choice words of the century.

What we think: The parliament could not rally enough sheep to fall for the ploy, so they implored Usdaw which has 440,000 guaranteed members to take at least a single peak into the bullschinoppy that is unfolding. Even if 1% sign up, that's 4440 votes.

More scary truths: Times are getting worse and companies will lose sustenance, thus the cycle of angered humans who need to eat to survive will grow and stores will not be able to protect themselves without harsher laws. Think 5-10 years from now, they'll be beating down riots with nightsticks outside supermarkets, people will be dying in droves from starvation.

More reasons to believe: A new law does not stop another human from walking up to you (even on store grounds) and smashing your face in with a fist or a weapon. What are they protecting? The land that you stand on which houses staff.


Your friendly neighborhood Prophet.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You make some great points, Proph.

Everything is a con.

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